July 2017 Giveaway- Personalized Crystal Butterfly Suncatcher

July Giveaway- Personalized Crystal Butterfly Suncatcher

July 01, 2017

July's giveaway is for our custom designed "Personalized Crystal Birthstone Butterfly Suncatcher" Your loved one's name and date is engraved on the sterling silver bead and your choice of birthstone month color. With a sterling silver butterfly charm to symbolize transformation and beauty.

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June 2017 Giveaway- Daddy of Angels Dog Tag Pendant

June Giveaway- Daddy of Angels Stainless Steel Dog Tag Pendant

June 01, 2017

June's giveaway is for our custom designed Daddy of Angels poem on a stainless steel dog tag pendant, a touching Father's Day gift for those that hold their children in their hearts, not their arms. Completed with name and birth date of his children personalized on the back.

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May Giveaway- Mother of an Angel Charm and Grandma of Angels Charm Jewelry

May Giveaway- Mother of an Angel & Grandma of Angels Charm

May 01, 2017

These precious memorial charms feature a sterling silver small heart charm inscribed with either "Mother of an Angel" or "Grandma of Angels". Completed with a name and date of your child personalized on the back and finished with a birthstone gem dangle of your choice.

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April 2017 Giveaway- Mother's Open Heart Children's Birthstone Necklace

April Giveaway- Mother's Open Heart Birthstone Necklace

April 19, 2017

This is a sweet and beautiful way to honor each significant person in your life in one necklace. A sterling silver open heart charm is lovingly supported by birthstones representing each loved one, whomever you wish to include: parents, grandparents, siblings, children, lost babies. A perfect way to incorporate your living and passed children all together.

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February Giveaway- Forever Loved Personalized Necklace for Infant Child Loss

February Giveaway- Forever Loved Personalized Necklace

February 03, 2017

Our "Forever Loved" with baby feet in heart design necklace is the giveaway for February. Choose either Sterling Silver or Yellow Gold Fill. Personalized with your loved one's name on the back

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November Giveaway- Awareness Ribbon Angel Charm

November Giveaway- Awareness Support Ribbon Angel Charm

November 02, 2016

Keep your cause close to your heart and wear this charm to raise awareness.

Support ribbon charm can be attached on to a bracelet, worn on a necklace chain or clipped on to a bag or jacket zipper.

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Engraving Information

My Forever Child Keepsake Jewelry and Memorial Remembrance Gifts

All of our personalized and engraved jewelry is crafted right in our own studio by a skilled engraving professional. Each piece is individually configured to ensure that your specific inscription is produced in the best way possible.

Engraving Information:
Please take note of the number of allowable characters (which includes spaces and punctuation) that can be engraved listed in the product description. In some cases we can compress the letters if the wording is a couple of characters over the specified limit.

Please use the Special Instructions text box on the product detail page when ordering if you have a specific request for the engraving layout. You can also contact us before placing your order to confirm if we are able to accommodate your special request.

We reserve the right to change the font and the layout from your order form for the best possible fit and aesthetics on the piece.


Engraving Fonts Available:

   Outlined Block-Capitals Engraving Font    Single Line Block-Capitals Font
Machine Engraved Block font in all capital letters. On larger pieces, it will be a filled double line block (first picture). On smaller pieces, it will be a single line block (second picture). The first letter in the word will be larger than the rest of the letters in the word (second picture), unless you type your personalization request in all capital letters (first picture).

Cursive Single Line Engraving Font
Machine Engraved Single Line Cursive font in capital and lower case letters.

Roman Filled Engraving Font
Machine Engraved Filled Roman font in capital and lower case letters.

Script Single Line Engraving Font
Machine Engraved Single Line Script font in capital and lower case letters.

Hand Stamped Engraving Font
Hand Stamped lettering in all capital letters, for a handcrafted artisan look. This style is only available on select items. Please note that the hand stamped lettering is not intended to look "perfect". Variations in letter placement, spacing, and depth of the letters are to be expected. This engraving is done with small steel alphabet tools and are hammered deeply into the silver, which is atop a steel block. The opposite side of the piece may have marr marks from the engraving process. Extra polishing is done to reduce the visibility of the marks.

Monograms are the classic way to personalize items. The initial of the first name is on the left, the initial of the last name is in the center in a larger size, and initial of the middle name is on the right. If you are doing a monogram of married couple, the initial of the husband's first name is on the left, the initial of the couple's last name is in the center in a larger size, and the initial of the wife's first name is on the right. We offer four beautiful Monogram styles: Interlocking Script, Roman, Circle Block, and Fancy Script.

We have several Monogram jewelry pieces. However If you wish to have a monogram on a jewelry piece that does not have the Monogram option (ex. on the back of a custom handprint-footprint pendant), you can either add on a Monogram engraving or contact us with your request prior to placing your order. Monograms take up a large area of space on the piece, and may not be available on all our items. 

Monogram Styles: Interlocking Script, Roman, Circle Block, Fancy Script


Special Engraving:
~If you would like a HEART shaped icon, please use a pound symbol # in the engraving field, example: Always In My #
~If you would like a STAR shaped icon, please use an asterisk symbol * in the engraving field, example: My Little *
~Please note that the star and heart symbols will take up 2 character spaces when they are engraved. Please allow for this when entering your desired inscription as you place your order.

~We can engrave in other languages!

Please input the exact way the engraving should read in your online order and also in a separate email to confirm your special personalization. 

*There is a $10 labor charge per item for engraving in these languages, we will email you an invoice for payment of this additional charge after your order is placed.
*These languages are only available on our machine engraved pieces. Not available in Hand Stamped font.

Engraving Policy:
Items that are personalized/engraved for you are not returnable or refundable, unless there is an error on our part. Engraved pieces are generally not able to be fixed and must be completely remade, which requires new material and labor. Please double check all spelling and dates prior to submitting your order. You will also receive an email with your order confirmation. It is your responsibility to check the accuracy of the personalization and details of your order. If you realize that there is an error, please contact us ASAP to see if we are able to halt production and correct the error. If you had submitted incorrect information for your order, and we had already engraved your item, you will be required to pay for a new engraved piece. If your item has already shipped out, you will also be responsible for the shipping postage back to us. Please email us for a price quote on incorrectly engraved items.

About our Engravables:
Sterling silver is a relatively soft metal which scratches easily during normal wear. Please note that sterling silver WILL scratch if it rubs against other silver charms and chains and also harder materials such as crystals, keys, stone and metal surfaces. This is normal and to be expected.

Sterling silver will take on a patina of it's own, developing numerous small scratches, with normal wear. Each of our engraved pieces is protectively wrapped to avoid damage during shipping.

Click Here to View our Jewelry Care and Cleaning page

Sterling Silver Engravable Pendant Shapes and Sizes

14K Gold Engravable Charms & Pendant Shapes and Sizes



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