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Grieving- Poem

by Susan Mosquera February 27, 2017

You came to me in the middle of a storm
and left in a hurricane.
It was the hardest time of my life.
I did everything I could to make you healthy,
And you reassured me that you were OK.
Never did I imagine that I would have to say goodbye before you were even born
I don`t understand why you were sent to me just to be taken away so cruelly.
Now I am searching for answers, wondering what all this was for.
You never got to breathe a first breath, open your eyes, smile, or drink milk from my breast.
All my hopes and dreams for you now have to change.
You will never grow up, enjoy Christmas, or Easter egg hunts.
Your brother and sister will never have the pleasure of their baby brother,
But are only told that you are in Heaven.
Things will never be the same knowing that you should be here with us, not there.
It`s hard to get on with "life as normal".
Every time I see a baby about the same age as you should be,It`s like a knife in my heart and I can`t breathe
I feel battered and broken.
I want to cry until my tears run dry,
I want to sleep to forget everything for just a little while.

I can only hope that time will heal the wounds and ease the pain.
But a mother can never forget her child,
and she still loves the ones that will only be able to be alive in her heart.

Copyright Susan Mosquera 2002

Susan Mosquera
Susan Mosquera


Mother of an Angel . Founder of My Forever Child . Handcrafted Jewelry Artisan . GIA Graduate Gemologist

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