Hello Daddy- Poem

by My Forever Child

Hello Daddy
Hello there my sweet Daddy
It's your Angel up above.

I know that you can't see me
But I hope you feel my love.

I made my journey home
I'm as safe as a baby can be.

The only thing that is missing
Is having you up here with me.

I know that you are sad
And you think of me each day.

I'm safe up here in Heaven
Where Jesus and I play.

I watch over when you're sleeping
I clasp my little hands and pray.

That God will give you comfort
During the time that I'm away.

You had dreams to watch me learn
Dreams to watch me grow.

But never had you dreamt
That you would have to let me go.

Being apart is the hardest thing
That we'll ever have to face.

But up here in Heaven
I have a special place.

I know that you don't understand
Why I had to leave.

But if you listen really close
You'll hear my whispers in the breeze.

So on those days when you are sad
And you think you can't go on.

I close my eyes and pray that God
Will give you strength to carry on.

Daddy, I love you oh so much
But now I have to go.

He promises to keep me safe and warm
until the day he calls you home.

And until the day that you come home
We'll be preparing a place for you.

A place so beautiful you cannot imagine
Where the streets are paved with gold.

A place where we can run and play
With hills for us to roam.

I'll meet you at the gates Daddy
With all my Angel friends.

Oh Daddy I forgot to mention
God will be there too with His precious Son.

Daddy, God wants me to tell you
That He is very proud.

Your loyalty and strength in faith
Has not gone unseen.

You will be blessed and protected
For all eternity.

God is calling softly Daddy
It's time for me to go home.

So Daddy dear remember please
That I am always near.

I love you very much Daddy
I'll be okay until you get here.

So remember Daddy, listen close
You'll hear my whispers in the breeze.

You'll hear my little giggles
As the wind tickles the trees.

You'll hear me laugh and squeal with delight
As other children play.

These are my gifts to you Daddy
So you'll know I'm near everyday.

Daddy, God is calling again
I really must go home.

I love you my sweet Daddy!

Love, Your Baby Girl

~In memory of our daughter
Ashley Marie Sines
Written with love for my husband, Joe.
Copyright Carrie Sines-August 1999


My Forever Child
My Forever Child


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