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My Little Bean- Poem

by My Forever Child February 28, 2017

My Little Bean
You were my little bean, 
that was created in my womb.
I laid in bed at night excited, 
and now I'm full of gloom.
I never understood how much 
you could miss someone you never met.
And now my heart aches so bad, 
that it fills me with regret.
Was there something I did wrong? 
How could this come to be?
Your little face, your hands, your feet, 
is something I'll never see.
I loved you oh so much, 
its something that cannot be explained. 
Now these feelings of anger and jealousy, 
make me feel ashamed.
You are my angel baby, 
and that I know is true.
God is holding you now, 
and listening to you cue.
You are in Heaven looking down,
watching mommy cry.
I wish you were here, 
but then I know that this is not goodbye.
~Copyright Sarah Twigg

My Forever Child
My Forever Child


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My Forever Child- Poem

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