Your Love for Watermelon- Poem

by My Forever Child

Your Love for Watermelon
You took away my tears, shame, deep sorrows and brought me real substance to life: abundance of joy and happiness


The juicy taste of watermelon, ice water and purple freezes during the hot summer brought us laughter and playful times together

No one could take our love and togetherness away; you brought me contentment beyond what words can state we danced with music and fell asleep together

Your eyes of purity, the face of your father, the golden colour of your skin, the hair of your mother made you look so handsome

After 36 weeks you had a stroke and drained and my heart with emptiness and left me with deep pain. I held you for one minute of my life in my arms but you did not wake up. I kissed you on your forehead but you did not wake up

Tears in my eyes and the disparity cannot go away: our time together Isaac was the best time of my life. I love you so much till we meet again my son.


My Forever Child
My Forever Child


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