Embraced By The Heart Family Necklace | 1,2, or 3 Children | Sterling Silver


$73.00 USD

This heartwarming sterling silver pendant is beautifully stylized with a mother and father cradling either 1, 2 or 3 children in their arms. Select the number of children for this pendant.

This is a lovely gift for the mother on the birth of a new baby.  It is also a comforting sympathy gift for the mother that has lost a baby, twins, triplets, multiple miscarriages or has suffered the death of young children. 


Comes with the following card:


I'd like to give to you
A gift to remember me.
Where there are no spoken words,
In a language you could see.

I'd wrap my arms around you,
Today and always I'd send,
An embrace to be remembered,
One that would never end.
© Deborah J. Birdoes

  • Material: solid .925 sterling silver
  • Pendant Measurement: approx. 1 inch long
  • Includes: 18" sterling silver necklace chain
  • Includes: "Embrace" poem card
  • Special Order Item
  • Ships in 2-3 business days

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