About My Forever Child


Has someone very special to you died and your life has taken a sharp turn?

Are you searching for meaningful ways to keep their memory close to your heart as you persevere to hold together it's shattered pieces while you navigate a new normal?

Welcome! My name is Susan Mosquera and I am the founder and designer of My Forever Child and I can personally relate to your feelings of sadness, emptiness and longing to hold on the happy memories of those you miss dearly.   



Here's my story...

Within a 3 year time frame, I lost my father to brain cancer, grandfather to a tragic accident, and my baby son to stillbirth 2 weeks before his due date. You can read more in depth about my story of loss here. My husband and I both battled serious health issues while grieving and trying to raise a young family. For several years I didn't think I'd fully see the light again through my long and dark journey. To be honest, it's still a very real struggle at times.

But once my heart was more stable, I knew it was my calling to help others that are in various stages of grief and healing, and also to help raise awareness for causes and advocacy for the prevention of future losses. Read more about my story of hope here and here. I drew from my previous handcrafted jewelry experience and Graduate Gemologist training to create unique bracelets and necklaces with deeper meaning and purpose, and keychains and suncatchers for those that do not wear jewelry. 

My design aesthetic is classic and timeless, so you can enjoy your pieces for years. Durability and workmanship are very important, so I only use better quality materials such as sterling silver, solid 14K gold, gold filled, stainless steel, genuine natural gemstones and authentic Swarovski crystals.

Often times we do not express our true feelings to others, and we keep our sadness and grief deep inside. My handcrafted pieces can help you express, without words, on the outside what you feel on the inside. Wearing or displaying a personalized memorial is a beautiful way to acknowledge, remember, and honor someone who has impacted your life but has passed on way too soon. Because your love lives on infinitely.

My Forever Child does not just offer condolence gifts to give at the time of immediate sympathy. They are precious keepsakes of Remembrance to help sustain that connection to your loved ones, no matter how long it's been, but especially at the more difficult times such as birthdays, anniversaries and holidays.

Sometimes we need a tangible talisman to hold on to, something that reminds ourselves that they were here yet still forever in our hearts, and that we will never ever forget them. Imagine a necklace engraved with your child's actual handprints and footprints. Of course you would wear it every day, but you would clutch the pendant tightly in your hand at those times when things are particularly rough. Or maybe wearing a necklace engraved with your Mom's name gives you a little extra strength to get through her birthday, death anniversary, and Mother's Day, always somber days every year for you. 

Since establishing the My Forever Child brand in 2004 and launching the myforeverchild.com website in 2005, amazing people from all over the world shop here because they want to support this mission and know that I truly understand their heartache and am dedicated to making a difference in the lives of others, particularly in the area of baby and child loss.

My customers choose to return again many times to purchase for friends, family members, and even when they joyfully welcome new children into their family. They trust my product's superior quality, excellent customer service, and caring commitment to serving their needs to their satisfaction. Please take a few moments to read what some of my happy clients have to say about their experience working with My Forever Child. I'm now certain that I'm fulfilling my life's purpose and that my devastating losses and ongoing challenges are not in vain.

My heart goes out to you and your reason for being here. It would be my honor to customize a piece of handcrafted remembrance jewelry just for your story, or to design a one of a kind keepsake that you will cherish in memory of your loved ones. I hope it will bring a little bit of peace and comfort to your heart and help you along on your own journey.

Are you ready to get started? Shop The Collections to help you to find the perfect keepsake.

Susan Mosquera

p.s. I am continuously creating and adding new pieces to the My Forever Child collection, so please check back often and sign up for my free VIP List to receive information about new products, events, coupons, and free giveaways.


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