Awareness Cause Support Ribbon Colors


PINK & LIGHT BLUE- Pregnancy & Infant Loss; SIDS; Infertility
GOLD- Childhood/Pediatric Cancer
BLUE- Child Advocacy and Abuse Prevention
LIGHT BLUE- Trisomy 18; Prostate Cancer
GREEN- Leukemia; Missing Children
GREY- Brain Cancer; Lung Cancer; Diabetes; Parkinson's
TEAL- Ovarian Cancer; PCOS
PINK- Breast Cancer
RED- AIDS/ HIV; Heart Disorders; Blood Disorders; MADD; Red Means Stop
CLEAR with AURORA BOREALIS- Adoption; Right to Life
NAVY with CLEAR- Water Safety/Drowning
NAVY with WHITE- ALS/ Lou Gehrig's Disease
PURPLE- Cancer; Alzheimer's; Cystic Fibrosis; Lupus; Pancreatic Cancer; Epilepsy; Overdose
BROWN- Colon Cancer
YELLOW- Suicide
ORANGE- Leukemia; Kidney Cancer
WHITE- Bone Cancer
BLACK- Melanoma; Mourning; POW/MIA

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