Miscarriage-Pregnancy Loss Healing Gemstone Bracelet


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Our Baby Loss Healing Gemstone Bracelet is as symbolically rich as it is aesthetically beautiful. Genuine natural gemstones in various shapes, colors, cuts, and transparencies encircle this comfortable bracelet that you will love to look at and meditate on.

Pink and light blue are the official awareness colors for pregnancy and infant loss, miscarriage, stillbirth, and SIDS. The gemstones selected for this healing bracelet reflect this sentiment:

  • Angelite: (light blue), raises spiritual consciousness and true to the name of this gemstone, it represents your little angels(s) watching over you
  • Rose Quartz: (pale pink), a very powerful gemstone thought to help mend broken hearts, soothe sorrow, promote love, and even increase fertility
  • Clear Quartz: (clear), symbolizes purity and clarity. Helps to cleanse the spirit and magnifies the metaphysical powers of other gemstones.
Includes a sterling silver awareness ribbon charm dangle.
On an elastic bracelet cord. One size fits most wrists.
Wear alone or stacked with other bracelets. Do not wear in water.

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