Sunshine Polishing Cloth


$5.00 USD

This is the best polishing cloth on the market, no need for any other! It safely cleans jewelry, gold, silver, brass, copper, glass, mirrors, and most other surfaces, leaving a deep, long lasting lustre. Excellent for removing tarnish from silver and gold.

This is the only polishing cloth we use, you won't be disappointed! Not available in stores.

For best results, use this polishing cloth after removing your jewelry to clean off body oils and sweat. You can also rub the polishing cloth on the jewelry before wear, to remove oxidation and tarnish. We recommend exhaling some warm breath onto the piece you are polishing to fog it up. Then rub the piece with the Sunshine Cloth. This really brings out the luster of the piece!

Note: Take care when using this cloth to polish any item with an oxidation patina, the cloth may remove it if you rub too vigorously in the blackened spaces.

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