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Fertility-Pregnancy Jewelry

Fertility Jewelry and Pregnancy Jewelry

For many couples, Trying to Conceive and Pregnancy can be a very long and emotionally draining process, especially if there have been one or more previous losses. When your greatest desire is to conceive, carry, nurture, and raise a child of your own, it is heartbreaking and devastating if you are not able to do so. The outside world may not understand or be insensitive to your struggle and lonely journey.  

Our Fertility Jewelry and Pregnancy Jewelry is created from natural genuine gemstones with special metaphysical properties and sterling silver charms with symbolic meaning which have been traditionally used to enhance fertility, conception and healthy pregnancies in cultures around the world. The genuine gemstones we use have mineral properties and energies which are thought to decrease negativity, stress and fear; while promoting positive energy, relaxation, tranquility, confidence, love, luck, hope, reproductive health, emotional and hormonal balance. Our Fertility and Pregnancy Bracelets, Pendants, Necklaces, and Charms are soothing to the touch and aesthetically pleasing to the eye.  All of our Fertility and Pregnancy jewellery is created with .925 Sterling Silver, and is Lead-Free. A jewelry pouch and card explaining the gemstones and symbolism is included with each purchase, perfect for sending as a gift of encouragement!

Please note that the jewelry or gemstones is not intended to diagnose, prevent, treat or cure infertility or any medical condition. Always discuss your medical concerns with your physicians. Wearing our Fertility Jewelry and Pregnancy Jewelry is a visual reminder to think positively and ready your spirit to nurture new life. Believe, Hope, and Pray for Miracles!