Bloodstone Gemstone Fertility-Pregnancy Bracelet- Stretch


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Bloodstone has traditionally been used to help the body with blood problems. It is said to make the blood flow properly, which can be especially important for those women with blood clotting disorders that prevent successful pregnancies. Of course, consult with your physician about your specific medical needs. 

8mm round genuine Indian bloodstone beads on an elastic stretch cord for comfortable wear with a sterling silver textured bead.

This Fertility Bracelet can be further customized by adding in our Fertility and Pregnancy Charms.

Please note that the jewelry or gemstones is not intended to diagnose, prevent, treat or cure infertility or any medical condition. Always discuss your medical concerns with your physicians. Wearing our Fertility Jewelry and Pregnancy Jewelry is a visual reminder to think positively and ready your spirit to nurture new life. Believe, Hope, and Pray for positive outcomes.