Carnelian Gemstone Pomegranate Pregnancy-Fertility Charm | Sterling Silver


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The Pomegranate is a ruby red colored fruit with robust historical lore across several cultures, including the Bible. The many jewel-hued seeds have traditionally represented fertility, abundance, luck ,love and marriage.

The Pomegranate is also a significant symbol for those struggling with infertility. The proliferous amount of seeds represent the numerous causes of infertility and the various emotions involved, as well as the endless potential options and reasons for HOPE .

A 6mm round genuine Carnelian gemstone is paired with a fancy  sterling silver bead to represent the shape of a pomegranate. Carnelian is a projective stone traditionally used to instill peace, harmony, patience, mental and emotional health, decreases depression,negative thoughts and nightmares, and stimulates sexual energy.

14mm high x 6mm wide

We can add this charm onto any of our fertility-pregnancy bracelets or beaded and charm bracelets. Use the Special Instructions box to state how you'd like your charm placed. OR select the lobster claw option below to easily move this charm between various bracelets.

Please note that the jewelry or gemstones is not intended to diagnose, prevent, treat or cure infertility or any medical condition. Always discuss your medical concerns with your physicians. Wearing our Fertility Jewelry and Pregnancy Jewelry is a visual reminder to think positively and ready your spirit to nurture new life. Believe, Hope, and Pray for positive outcomes.