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The Tiny Rosebuds-Poem

by My Forever Child February 28, 2017

The Tiny Rosebuds (Twin Loss/Multiple Miscarriage)
The Master Gardener from Heaven above
Planted two seeds in the garden of love.
And from them grew rosebuds so small
That never had time to open at all
For God in His perfect and all wise way
Chose these roses for his heavenly bouquet.
So think of your darlings with the angels above
Secure and contented and surrounded by love.
And remember that God blessed and enriched your lives too...
For in dying, your darlings brought Heaven closer to you.
~Author Unknown

My Forever Child
My Forever Child


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My Forever Child- Poem
My Forever Child- Poem

by Susan Mosquera February 28, 2017

You are a Precious Child
Created out of love,
a blessing from above.
I've adored you from the start,
and your little footprints touched my heart.

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Forget Me Not- Poem

by Susan Mosquera February 28, 2017

For I am in you and you are in me
I will always live in your heart
As long as you Forget Me Not

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Memories Like Wildflowers- Poem

by Susan Mosquera February 28, 2017

They bring me back to a happier, simpler time.
Before long, they fade and are gone.
Always reminding me of how very much
I miss you...

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