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April 2017 Update- New Website Platform Finally Launched!

by Susan Mosquera

It's been a wild and crazy ride, one that began a little over 3 years ago as I started the process of looking into a different platform to host my ecommerce and informational resources site,  I had originally started out on a terrible ecommerce platform in 2004 and then moved to a better estore platform that marketed to work at home moms in early 2005. Mind you, this was before Etsy itself was even launched!

It was a wonderful way to connect with my customers, most of them were fellow bereaved parents and grandparents looking for meaningful remembrances of their precious little ones. I loved engraving and hand making these special keepsakes for them.  After a few years, online shopping had begun to gain much more popularity and became mainstream, and eventually I outgrew my website platform. But I was very reluctant to start over somewhere new, and so I procrastinated for a few years, not really having a clear direction for my business' future. 

Fast forward to April 2015 and Google's "Mobilegeddon" and several other algorithm changes, which would shake up the world wide web and disrupt us from our comfort zones. My website platform was not mobile optimized and the web developer would not make those changes for us or try to keep up with the fast paced changes that were happening on the internet. Aspects of the website were very buggy and contributed to a less than optimal customer experience. If you had ordered from me on my previous website, you know what I'm talking about! I knew I had to make a decision and actively search for a new platform to host my online store. 

I ended up setting up and trying out 3 different website platforms until I decided on this current one. It was a ton of trial and error and testing out different functions that I knew were necessary for my customer's experience and my satisfaction. All had failed for one critical reason or another.

And so in April 2016 I took a leap of faith and committed to start building up this website you see now under the domain It wasn't just as easy and copying and pasting things over, or importing all products to the new site. The whole structure and layout of the new website had changed. I decided that if I was going to put in the effort to make a new website, it was going to be waaay better than the old one. I spent many months making new sample pieces, photographing and editing products, writing clearer and more helpful descriptions, and simplifying the way products can be searched and found in different collections. I liken it to having a custom house built, and then cleaning, packing, moving, and re-decorating all at the same time. It was not an easy or quick process by any means. Some products are still not live on the site yet, but will be later this month.

On March 2, 2017, I finally officially moved my website domain to this platform, and I couldn't be happier! It has been a much better experience for my customers and less headaches and paperwork for me. I feel like my creativity has finally returned and am inspired to write more, create new products and be a part of the community again that I've known and loved the last almost 15 years since my son passed away. I never really left, but needed to find my way back after wandering around with a heavy burden and so much indecision for so long.

What does this mean for you? I will be posting on the blog again, launching new product lines and special sales in April for Mother's Day, May for Father's Day, Cause Awareness in September, Pregnancy and Infant Loss Awareness in October, plus more. I'll be hosting monthly giveaways again, so be sure to sign up for my VIP List to be kept up to date on all new happenings and special deals that will only be offered to my VIP's.

I had been very quiet on social media the last several months so I could concentrate on finishing up the migration to this platform. I'll be posting on social media more regularly so be sure to follow @myforeverchild on your favorite sites: 

Facebook Twitter Pinterest Blog Instagram Google+


The only non-optimal aspect of the new platform is that you won't have access to your old customer account, list of previous orders, or wish list. It is a whole new database. However I do have access to the old databases and can look up your info for you. I have many repeat customers that want to reorder the same exact pieces as gifts for family members, or to have a matching piece made to honor the birth of a new child or sadly to memorialize the loss of another baby. Just reach out to me and I will look up your previous orders and image files for you. Or if there was a product you had your eye on from the old website and no longer see here, email me a picture or description and I'll find it for you :)

In upcoming blog posts I will elaborate on all the great new website features {yay, you can now upload your handprint and footprint images right on site when placing your order!}. But undoubtedly, the most important aspect of the new shop is that it is ALL SECURE with https protocol now. You can feel more confident in purchasing online and knowing that your sensitive information is safe.

I am looking into adding even more functionality and features to the new website. If you have any feedback or suggestions, please let me know. I'm listening! 

Welcome to our new "home" for My Forever Child! Hope you'll love it as much as we do!


Susan Mosquera
Susan Mosquera


Mother of an Angel . Founder of My Forever Child . Handcrafted Jewelry Artisan . GIA Graduate Gemologist

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Engraving Information

My Forever Child Keepsake Jewelry and Memorial Remembrance Gifts

All of our personalized and engraved jewelry is crafted right in our own studio by a skilled engraving professional. Each piece is individually configured to ensure that your specific inscription is produced in the best way possible.

Engraving Information:
Please take note of the number of allowable characters (which includes spaces and punctuation) that can be engraved listed in the product description. In some cases we can compress the letters if the wording is a couple of characters over the specified limit.

Please use the Special Instructions text box on the product detail page when ordering if you have a specific request for the engraving layout. You can also contact us before placing your order to confirm if we are able to accommodate your special request.

We reserve the right to change the font and the layout from your order form for the best possible fit and aesthetics on the piece.


Engraving Fonts Available:

   Outlined Block-Capitals Engraving Font    Single Line Block-Capitals Font
Machine Engraved Block font in all capital letters. On larger pieces, it will be a filled double line block (first picture). On smaller pieces, it will be a single line block (second picture). The first letter in the word will be larger than the rest of the letters in the word (second picture), unless you type your personalization request in all capital letters (first picture).

Cursive Single Line Engraving Font
Machine Engraved Single Line Cursive font in capital and lower case letters.

Roman Filled Engraving Font
Machine Engraved Filled Roman font in capital and lower case letters.

Script Single Line Engraving Font
Machine Engraved Single Line Script font in capital and lower case letters.

Hand Stamped Engraving Font
Hand Stamped lettering in all capital letters, for a handcrafted artisan look. This style is only available on select items. Please note that the hand stamped lettering is not intended to look "perfect". Variations in letter placement, spacing, and depth of the letters are to be expected. This engraving is done with small steel alphabet tools and are hammered deeply into the silver, which is atop a steel block. The opposite side of the piece may have marr marks from the engraving process. Extra polishing is done to reduce the visibility of the marks.

Monograms are the classic way to personalize items. The initial of the first name is on the left, the initial of the last name is in the center in a larger size, and initial of the middle name is on the right. If you are doing a monogram of married couple, the initial of the husband's first name is on the left, the initial of the couple's last name is in the center in a larger size, and the initial of the wife's first name is on the right. We offer four beautiful Monogram styles: Interlocking Script, Roman, Circle Block, and Fancy Script.

We have several Monogram jewelry pieces. However If you wish to have a monogram on a jewelry piece that does not have the Monogram option (ex. on the back of a custom handprint-footprint pendant), you can either add on a Monogram engraving or contact us with your request prior to placing your order. Monograms take up a large area of space on the piece, and may not be available on all our items. 

Monogram Styles: Interlocking Script, Roman, Circle Block, Fancy Script


Special Engraving:
~If you would like a HEART shaped icon, please use a pound symbol # in the engraving field, example: Always In My #
~If you would like a STAR shaped icon, please use an asterisk symbol * in the engraving field, example: My Little *
~Please note that the star and heart symbols will take up 2 character spaces when they are engraved. Please allow for this when entering your desired inscription as you place your order.

~We can engrave in other languages!

Please input the exact way the engraving should read in your online order and also in a separate email to confirm your special personalization. 

*There is a $10 labor charge per item for engraving in these languages, we will email you an invoice for payment of this additional charge after your order is placed.
*These languages are only available on our machine engraved pieces. Not available in Hand Stamped font.

Engraving Policy:
Items that are personalized/engraved for you are not returnable or refundable, unless there is an error on our part. Engraved pieces are generally not able to be fixed and must be completely remade, which requires new material and labor. Please double check all spelling and dates prior to submitting your order. You will also receive an email with your order confirmation. It is your responsibility to check the accuracy of the personalization and details of your order. If you realize that there is an error, please contact us ASAP to see if we are able to halt production and correct the error. If you had submitted incorrect information for your order, and we had already engraved your item, you will be required to pay for a new engraved piece. If your item has already shipped out, you will also be responsible for the shipping postage back to us. Please email us for a price quote on incorrectly engraved items.

About our Engravables:
Sterling silver is a relatively soft metal which scratches easily during normal wear. Please note that sterling silver WILL scratch if it rubs against other silver charms and chains and also harder materials such as crystals, keys, stone and metal surfaces. This is normal and to be expected.

Sterling silver will take on a patina of it's own, developing numerous small scratches, with normal wear. Each of our engraved pieces is protectively wrapped to avoid damage during shipping.

Click Here to View our Jewelry Care and Cleaning page

Sterling Silver Engravable Pendant Shapes and Sizes

14K Gold Engravable Charms & Pendant Shapes and Sizes



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